5 Words on War Child

We asked War Child to describe their work using 5 words. Here’s what they said:



We live in an increasingly violent world. There are 60 million displaced people in the world – that is more than were forced to flee in WWII. In 2014, one person was forced from their home every two seconds, 50% of them were children. The reason is clear – a surge in violent conflict.


War is presenting terrifying new dangers for children and their families. War violates every right of a child. Instead of a childhood they face killing, maiming, sexual violence or they are forced to fight. And when the fighting stops, another battle begins – the struggle to recover. This is where War Child steps in. Our programming is designed to give children and their families the support they need to rebuild their lives when all seems lost.



Childhood is one of the most important periods in life. It is when the seeds of the future are sewn. The experiences of childhood can have a huge impact on adulthood. But if childhood is taken away and replaced by the horrors of war, the chances a society becoming trapped in a cycle of violence and poverty is greatly increased.


Everything War Child does is focused on creating the environment in which childhood can thrive.



Education is critical. But for those living with war, it can be life-saving. The ability to read safety instructions, to understand directions on a child’s medicine or to add up prices at the market are critical life skills. However, years of violence leave schools devastated, transportation dangerous, and teachers in short supply. It halts a child’s education for years, risking an adulthood that is lacking basic life skills.


War Child restores the right for children to learn by providing catch-up classes, training new educators, adapting curriculum and pioneering new delivery methods.



Giving a mother the tools to earn an income gives her power. The power to put shoes on her children’s feet, provide food before school and ensure a warm bed at night. For youth, safe employment empowers a sense of purpose and a means to contribute to their family. It is an alternative to joining armed groups, ending a cycle of violence.


War Child provides skills training, investment and support networks for families whose opportunities have been compromised by war.



War erodes a country’s ability to bring criminals to justice; mothers and children are left most vulnerable. Sexual violence, emotional abuse and family abandonment are commonplace long after guns fall silent. Those who commit these crimes avoid justice too easily. Their victims remain terrified of further attack.


War Child is supporting women and children by working directly with local justice organizations. We help to rebuild legal structures, provide access to free legal counsel and ensure judges, police and communities understand human rights. Our programs are making impunity for abusers a thing of the past.


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