Trayvon Martin Foundation – 5 things we’re doing

The Trayvon Martin Foundation is one of our partners working to make life better for inner-city children. We asked them to tell us 5 big things they were working on. Here’s their response:


YES! National Youth Empowerment & Solutions Summit – YES is structured to unite teens with national leaders and to create solutions for issues that plague them.


The students are challenged to develop solutions based upon existing concerns.  This is accomplished by a structured panel discussion that teaches the youth how to create solutions. The youth then break into groups with a specific task to create a solution based upon a topic. The 2 day YES conference draws more than 700 students per day. Leading the way in 2015 was U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, The next Secretary of Education John B. King, Lisa Bloom and more. Solutions were created.


Circle of Mothers/Circle of Fathers – The purpose of the Circle of Mothers is to bring together mothers who have lost children or family members to senseless gun violence for the purpose of healing, empowerment, and fellowship toward the larger aim of community building. Circle of Fathers – The Conference is on 21st Century Fatherhood. The weekend is designed to rebuild lost relationships and strengthen existing relationship through what is designed to promote positive self-image within the males in the community. Target population are men of all ages who are fathers to sons or who are currently standing in the life of a young man as a father figure.  Also Father of The Year Awards


20 Scholarships in 20 Cities – The Foundation is in the process of providing education opportunities to inner-city youth. This is accomplished by establishing partnerships with community, state, and private colleges as well as grassroots organizations in 20 cities. In addition, we established 12 scholarships in the state of Florida. Furthermore this collaboration created a web of over 60,000 students, 50 social organizations and 10 additional scholarships in the State of Florida.


The Trayvon Martin Foundation Annual Peace Walk and Peace Talk /Remembrance Dinner – Participants included youth, community activists, faith leaders, and celebrities.  The Walk include families who have lost a child to senseless gun violence. All participants will walk together in solidarity as a testament to the right that all people should be able to walk freely without being pursued, chased, profiled or shot and killed on their streets.


Financial Literacy Program – The purpose is to help people make the most of their money through personalized financial education. From making smart financial decisions, dealing with financial trouble to understanding budgeting we believe this area of concern can change a community.


Learn more about their work on their website.