The Future Project 5 things for 2017

The Future Project is our partner and they work with local leaders to transform young people’s lives. Here are five things The Future Project hopes to do this year:


1. Provide a Dream Director—a transformative leader trained to unlock passion and purpose in young people—to more than 30,000 young people nationwide. Dream Directors embed full-time in schools and work with students to come up with bold dreams for themselves and their schools–and then put those ideas into motion in the form of ambitious Future Projects that enroll and inspire their entire school.


2.Tell the stories of young people across the country who are discovering their own definitions of success. Every day across all of our schools we see young people doing extraordinary things that they never thought possible–launching clubs and campaigns to transform their schools, starting companies, or simply sharing their greatest passion with the world. Yet most people in this country still view success for young people on a narrow track: get decent grades, stay out of trouble, get into college. This year we’re committing to capturing the amazing stories of the young people in our schools like never before–and sharing them with the world to start to redefine how we think about success for young people.


3. Draw on cutting-edge research and emerging science to innovate our core method for igniting the passion, purpose, and potential of young people like never before. While many Dream Directors have been helping those around them unleash unrealized possibility for years before they meet us, the person is only half of the equation. Each year, we aim to improve the exhaustive training and tools we provide for Dream Directors by building on the strong foundation of research and science that powers our model. This year, we’re committed to a major leap forward in our program design and have put a huge focus on research and development.


4. Begin to enroll dreamers from across the country in our campaign to reimagine education for the 21st Century. We believe in solving problems at the scale they exist. That means we’ll need to recruit an army from across America to fight for the idea that more is possible for young people–and that our schools can, should and must ignite that potential. This year, we’re starting to enroll the public in that idea–and call them to action–so that we can begin to transform the conversation about education in America for good.


5. Build a team and organization that can turn our audacious dreams into realities. Any goal is possible if you bring together the right people to make it happen. That’s why we’re committed to growing our team across the country this year–and why we’re recruiting designers, scientists, educators, organizers, storytellers, and dreamers of all kinds to join The Future Project as we continue to build the organization of our dreams.


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