Moonshot: Racial justice in America

Today, our version of the seemingly impossible task of landing on the Moon is finally dealing with slavery and racial injustice as an indelible part of American history and identity. Now is the time to come to terms with the inequities our fellow Americans have suffered and finally make it right. This is for the health and well-being of our nation and all of its citizens.


Our Moonshot will reframe and restructure the dynamic around race and social justice in America by bringing together businesses, foundations, Artists and political leaders in a way that has never been done before. Our goal is to identify and eradicate racial injustice, reduce inequality among all Americans and focus on the empowerment of women and girls of color in a way that has never been done before on this scale.

Artist Protest

A$AP Rocky Renisha McBride

Adam Levine Jamar Clark

Alicia Keys Sandra Bland

Beyoncé Philando Castile

Bono Charleston 9

Chance the Rapper Freddie Gray

Chris Rock Ramarley Graham

Common Mario Woods

Jada Pinkett Smith India M Beaty

Janelle Monae Gregg Gunn

Jennifer Hudson John Crawford III

Kevin Hart Renisha McBride

Lenny Kravitz Sean Bell

Maxwell All Black People

Pharrell Williams Trayvon Martin

P!nk Eric Garner

Queen Latifah Laquan McDonald

Rihanna All Black People

Rosario Dawson Tamir Rice

Swizz Beatz Walter L Scott

Talib Kweli Oscar Grant III

Taraji P Henson Alton Sterling

Tracee Ellis Ross Amadou Diallo

Van Jones Rekia Boyd

Zoë Kravitz Akai Gurley

Why a Moonshot?

“These are extraordinary times… And we face an extraordinary challenge. Our strength as well as our convictions have imposed upon this nation the role of leader in freedom’s cause.”


That was President Kennedy speaking about the Space Race in 1961. In this historic State of the Union address, Kennedy announced that the United States would land on the moon and he discussed how important it is we do things that are hard:


“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.”


Today, our moonshot is finally dealing with our history and persisting issues of racial injustice. As we enter the homestretch of Obama’s presidency, now is the time to come to terms with the inequities our fellow Americans have suffered throughout our history and make it right. We want a radical transformation in racial justice and equality, to heal the wounds of a long national history of systemic racism.

The way to ameliorate the costs of making things right are directly equal to the cost of the Apollo Moon Landing. $150 billion directed at poor communities over the next 10 years, will provide access to equal education, healthcare, quality housing, training and jobs, nutrition and an overhaul of the Criminal Justice System.