Moms Rising -5 things to know

Moms Rising is one of We Are Here Movement’s partner organizations. Here are 5 quick things to know about their work.


1. Women make up nearly 50% of the labor force for the first time in history and MomsRising is working to make sure that our public policies match our modern labor force, so that our economy and families can thrive.


2. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world where new moms don’t have some form of paid family leave when a new baby arrives. MomsRising is pushing our nation to pass this critical policy and to lead on leave.


3. MomsRising is working to end unfair pay practices, wage and hiring discrimination, which impacts women, moms, and women of color in the most extreme ways.


4. Childcare costs more than college in the U.S. and MomsRising is working to increase access to high quality, affordable childcare and early learning opportunities for all children.


5. Advancing gun safety policies is critical to the safety of our communities, and MomsRising is working to make all our communities safer.


For more information, visit their website.