Girl Rising’s 5 important tools for social change

Our partner, Girl Rising, knows that one of the most effective solutions to combating global poverty is educating girls. We’ve asked them to share 5 important tools they use when building a global movement for girls’ education and a better world for all:

Storytelling: There is no one answer to breaking down the barriers girls face, but a story and a message, shared widely, has the power to create lasting change. The stories we tell – through our feature-length film and other mediums – are at the heart of the Girl Rising movement. They provide real life examples of every-day role models that our viewers can relate to.  The stories of nine girls embracing opportunities and overcoming barriers encourage the audience to think differently about the power of girls and to continue the conversation about girls’ education in their own communities.

Localized action: We’ve seen our storytelling inspire millions of people worldwide so we decided to take it to some of the places in the world where it is the most difficult to be a girl. We started with India, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo. These are places where social norms such as daughter discrimination, child marriage, and gender-based violence keep girls from getting the same opportunities as their male counterparts. By localizing our programming, we’re working to change behaviors on a community level and inspire lasting change.

Digital campaigns: In today’s digital age, crafting conversation is key to collective action. We live in a world where more than 62 million girls are out of school, but also, where billions of social media users have new platforms to volunteer their voices. Whether it’s tweeting at their elected officials or challenging their friends to post a story of inspiration, we provide girls, women, boys and men with easy access points into the girls’ rights conversation. We’re committed to catalyzing collective conversation to drive both skeptics and advocates to meaningful action that will help girls reach their full potential.

Tool box: We’ve found that countless individuals want to take action for girls, but do not know where to start. We’ve created an array of tools to help this vibrant, creative community keep girls’ education as part of the mainstream conversation and get engaged. Our tools – including film, educational and advocacy videos, action and discussion guides and a free school curriculum – are used by thousands of individuals around the globe.

Powerful partnerships: Changing behaviors is challenging and we’ve known from the start that we can’t do it alone. Partnership is how we achieve widespread change. Our network of partners brings together passionate individuals and leaders who help us deepen our impact and reach larger audiences. We provide opportunities for our supporters to drive resources to nonprofit partners, who work tirelessly to improve girls’ lives around the world. We invest in relationships with celebrities and influencers, political and community leaders and corporations in order to create both public awareness and increased commitments to addressing the needs of girls everywhere. We engage these like-minded leaders to build an enabling environment for girls, promoting policy change for and financial investment in their education.