Care – 5 Things we’re doing in 2017

CARE is one of We Are Here’s partners and is dedicated to fighting global poverty. We asked them what 5 things they were focusing on in 2016 and this is what they said:


1. CARE will represent the interests of poor and vulnerable people at the climate talks in Paris later this year. The world’s poor are almost always the most adversely affected largely because they tend to live in the most vulnerable places. CARE helps them organize and advocate with their own governments to enable them be more resilient to the effects of a changing climate.


2. We’ll launch a $10M+ rapid response fund for humanitarian emergencies like the one in and around Syria.


3. We’ll advocate within U.S. Government for passage of the Reaching Every Mother and Child Act (R.E.A.C.H.) to end preventable maternal and child deaths in the developing world.


4. We’ll issue a report on the fight to end child marriage and other forms of gender-based violence.


5. We’ll rally hundreds of activists in Washington, DC in May 2016 to fight for U.S. policies that empower women and girls to fight poverty.


Learn more about CARE on their website.