Breaking: 97 women and girls freed from Boko Haram

The Nigerian army reports it has freed 97 abductees from Boko Haram, including at least one student of Chibok school, where more than 200 were abducted. Thousands remain missing.

On Thursday, the Chibok student was flown to meet with Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari. “My feelings are tinged with deep sadness at the horrors the young girl has had to go through at such an early stage in her life,” commented Buhari.

The girl’s mother recounted her horror when she found out about her daughter’s abduction. “I was broken and devastated. Today she’s back with me. I’m thankful to God, and I’m thankful to everyone who participated in the rescue of my daughter.

The victim was found with her four-month-old baby and a member of Boko Haram who claimed to be her husband.

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